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Dr. Marek Skalinski has been the Artistic Director and Choreographer of "Polanie" Polish Song and Dance Association since 1985.  Through his unique choreographic style of delicate balance, authenticity of tradition and enhanced theatrical vibrancy Skalinski has elevated "Polanie" to the ranks of the best ethnic dance ensembles in Canada.  He promoted the beauty of international dances by producing various multicultural shows, such as "European Folklorama" (1996), "The Moment in Motion" (1997) and "In the Spirit of the Youth" (1999).

Artistic Director MarekSkalinskiSkalinski's stage productions have not been limited only to folk dance presentations.   For example, the memorable concert "In the Spirit of Polonaise," celebrated the Bicentennial Anniversary of the Polish Constitution.   This production, presented at the Jubilee Auditorium in 1991, excelled in originality as it demonstrated a well-balanced fusion of classical music, folk dances, songs, and presentation of Polish 18th and 19th-century visual arts.   The "2000 Steps and Notes from Poland" echoes on a much greater and more original scale due to the idea of combining classical music and folk dance  in partnership with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra and guest artists.   Hence, this emphasizes the unique and interconnecting inspirations that drive Polish artists for centuries.

Dr. Skalinski immigrated to Canada in 1984.   In his native Poland, he was involved, as a dancer and the chairman, in the university-sponsored Song and Dance Ensemble "Krakus" in Cracow.

For his outstanding achievements in those capacities, he was awarded the Order of Merits in Culture Promotion by the Minister of Arts and Culture in Poland (1974).  In Canada, he was a recipient of Silver and Gold Orders awarded by the Polish Canadian Congress (1997 and 2000), and the prestigious Immigrant Distinction Award in the Arts Category (1997).

In his professional career, Dr. Skalinski is a petrophysicist with Chevron and an internationally-recognized specialist in the area of formation evaluation

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