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Jesse Wilms was born in Calgary, Alberta and began her dance career at age of 3 when she started to experiment with ballet, jazz, modern and Polish dance. She danced ballet and jazz at Starchevski School of Ballet & Dance and continued jazz through McDonald Wilson Dance Academy. She also began playing piano at an early age, which introduced her to tempo, rhythm and musicality.  

Jesse started dancing in the Polish group Gaiczek when she was 6 years old under the direction of Siostra Alojza, founder of the Polanie Polish Song & Dance Association. At 12, she moved on to dance in the Krakusy Dance Ensemble, where the group participated in Iwonicz Zdroj in the 7th Polonijny Festiwal Dzieciecych Zespolow Folklorystycznych.

It was during this festival that she discovered her true passion for the art of Polish dance. Jesse was recruited to Polanie at the age of 14, when the group was searching for three girls to complete the 12 pairs travelling to a festival that same year.  Jesse committed herself that year and was motivated to prove herself as a dancer to her older peers and instructors.  That beginning has since evolved into numerous international performances in high profile festivals where Jesse has always distinguished herself with her commitment and passion. 

Jesse is currently a 3rd year student studying French at the University of Calgary.  She plans to become a language teacher at the high school level. Her passions include dance, music, languages and art.

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