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artistic director 2009 Eewa Piorko

Ewa Piorko has spent the majority of her career as a Polish dancer with Pomorze Polish Folkdance Ensemble in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Joining in 1991, Ewa quickly moved into an instructor role for the Pomorskie Krasnoludki and Male Pomorze group children’s groups. After 1998, Ewa took time to off to travel and pursue her education. Ewa returned to Halifax in 2003 and became co-Artistic Director of Pomorze until her departure in 2007. Throughout her career, Ewa has fostered her love of dancing and performing by exploring the world of jazz, modern, latin and social dance forms through various organizations.

As Artistic Director, Ewa’s vision, like her predecessors, is to preserve the unique style and artistic tradition of Polanie, while simultaneously challenging the dancers with new techniques. Ewa is committed to highlighting the talent and varied strengths within the organization through emphasis on singing as well as dancing.

Ewa aims to develop a greater repertoire of solos, duets, and 2-4 couple pieces, and to foster leadership within the organization.

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