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Bartosz Kornacki was born in Warsaw, Poland and began his dance career at the age of 8 dancing jazz and hiphop. While at a local festival Bartosz was captivated when seeing a folk group perform Krakowiak and Lowicz. The audience participation along with the screams and colourful Jesse Bartek 03costumes, fuelled a love for Polish Folk. He immediately joined the Polish folk dance group "Nieporecak".  

At the age of 13 his family immigrated to Calgary, and he soon became a member of the Krakusy Dance Ensemble. Within the first year he had an opportunity to travel with the group to Toronto & Kitchener Ontario for a dance festival. The following summer he attended a dance camp at Sylvan Lake where Krakusy held workshops, and got an opportunity to meet Polanie’s then Artistic Director - Marek Skalinski - who had a lasting impression...

Bartosz's attention to detail, stage presence and passion for polish folk later granted him a spot Polanie where he has been dancing as a member of the group for 10 years. With his passion for traveling and love of Polish folk he got to travel and perform in multiple cities in Poland, attending the prestigious international festival of Polish folklore held in Rzeszow in 2008. 

Bartosz studied Criminal Justice at Mount Royal University. He also followed his passion for being creative with his hands; and all the renovating, drywalling, painting, tile-setting, and hardwood floor installations evolved into his own businessBarkor Construction Inc

Bartosz and Jesse have been dancing together in Polanie since 2010. The same year they performed in thePFDAA Polish Dance Festival in Regina. In 2011 the group travelled to Rzeszow to participate in theXV Swiatowy Festiwal Polonijnych Zespolow Folklorystycznychunder the direction of then Artistic Director Sandro Barbosa.  There they were given the opportunity to dance with Zespol Piesni i Tanca Slaskin Koszecin, Poland. In the summers of 2012 and 2013, the group performed in Winnipeg at theSokol Days festivaland most recently the group participated in the 5th International Summer Festival Meet the Tradition in Montecatini, Italy.

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