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True to its heritage and Polish Culture, the home of Polanie Polish Song & Dance Association is the Polish Canadian Cultural Centre in Calgary, Alberta.  Also true to its heritage, the focus of the Association revolves around family, the local Parish, and the Polish Community. 

Calgary Polish Parish:

Polanie's bonding and participation within the local Polish Parish - Our Lady Queen Of Peace Churchhas been significant throughout its forty year history. Youth Representatives of Polanie take an active role in Parish events. The Association often utilizes Parish facilities to host dinners, teas, and bake sales. Such events have provided assistance to Polanie over the years.  

The Association actively demonstrates its appreciation of such support by participating in Parish Masses and being present and performing at important Parish events.

Polish Canadian Cultural Centre:

Polanie never misses an opportunity to participate in events that facilitate the bonds of family, community, and it's Parish. They have produced countless performances of Cultural significance at the Polish Canadian Cultural Centre.  

Papal Conclave  of 1979 Celebration:

Each new dance season commences with the start of the school year. The first significant event on the calendar is the celebration of the anniversary of the Papal Conclave  of 1979, when Polish Archbishop Karol Wojtyla became Pope John Paul II.  This celebration takes place at the the Cultural Centre where different artistic groups within the community dance and sing in honour of now Saint John Paul II.

Masquerade Ball:

Next on the Polanie calendar is the Masquerade Ball at the end of October.  This is typically a sold out affair which includes a formal dinner followed by dance. Guests are encouraged to wear costumes and participate. The last couple of years Polanie has been live tweeting the Masquerade Ball in three languages! A considerable twitter following has resulted in Poland with many actively tweeting and responding throughout the Masquerade Ball.


Another important event of Polanie's occurs January of each year and is termed Jaselka (Christmas Nativity Play).  Although Polanie provides a number of performances, there are many other performers from the Polish Community that participate.  Essentially all aspects of the community are represented from toddlers to seniors along the Parish Clergy.  All take an active role in the play be it dancing, singing, or acting in celebrating the Feast of the three Kings.

Polish Constitution Day:

With spring breaking in the Calgary area, Polanie anticipates Polish Constitution Day celebrations on May 3rd. It’s an interesting fact, and many are not aware, but Poles hold the distinction of being the first European country to introduce a Constitution - May 3rd 1791. In fact Poland is the second country in the world to introduce a Constitution, only behind the United States.

In memory of that achievement Polanie and the local Polish Community celebrates National Day of Constitution. Polanie attends the flag raising event in full traditional dress to represent the Polish Community of Calgary. The celebration occurs at the Calgary City Hall where the mayor and other dignitaries along with Polish Canadian Association representatives participate in the Polish Flag raising celebration.

Polish Constitution Day in Calgary Canada

Polish Constitution Day in Calgary Canada

Easter Celebrations:

Easter is another important tradition that Polanie and the Calgary Polish community fully support and celebrate.  Polanie participates in various Parish events during this period such as the Easter Egg Roll, and the Vigil at Christ's TombAs always Polanie proudly participates in these events and always in their full traditional and colourful costumes.

Indeed, the Polanie Song & Dance Association is proud of it's Polish Heritage.  These cultural celebrations are fundamental components the Association has supported and participated in since its inception forty years ago.  Polanie typically records its dancing and singing performances and posts to the association's Vimeo Pro account where the public can then access for viewing. Here is the link to Polanie's vimeo account where you can view a wide selection of videos depicting the cultural celebrations referenced above.

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