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Canadian Multiculturalism is at the very core of the Polanie Song & Dance Association's forty year existence as a non-profit in Canada.  The Association has been shaped, to a significant degree, by the manner in which multiculturalism has been implemented and practiced within Canadian society.

The body of work created by Polanie within the context and spirt of Canadian Multiculturalism is indeed impressive.   Polanie has proudly represented Canada at international folk dance festivals throughout its forty-year history.  It has been a practice of the Association to celebrate different cultures within Canada by performing some of those dances at International Folk Festivals when travelling abroad.

Examples are Country Line Dances and Metis dances that Polanie has performed at Festivals in Europe. Those dances have always been met with great crowd appreciation and the Association has always derived great pleasure from performing.

In Calgary, the ensemble is a regular highlight at multicultural events such as Canada Day, Heritage Day, the Winter Festival, and world renowned Festival of Nations at Spruce Meadows Masters, and off course the greatest outdoor show on earth The Calgary Stampede

The Association and its Artistic Directors have been active in promoting Canadian multiculturalism within our community.  Indeed, Polanie has a strong record of actively participating in, and even directly producing multicultural concerts to promote collaboration between artists and dance ensembles of varying cultural backgrounds. Such concerts included: The Olympic Concert; In the Spirit of Polonaise;  European Folklorama; A Moment in Motion; In the Spirit of Youth; and 2000 Steps & Notes from Poland

There is no greater example of the positive impact the spirt of Canadian multiculturalism has as when it's expressed through the coming together of multiple cultures with a single objective to respond to tragic events and natural disasters.  Whether it's a Tsunami Appeal or helping the Doctors Without Borders, the Association does not hesitate to participate in multicultural fundraising events by providing performances from our Polanie Dance Repertoire.   

The Polanie Song & Dance Association has been recognized for its contributions to these important initiatives and is proud of its record of participation in Canadian Multiculturalism. 

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