Sandro Barbosa

Sandro Barbosa, although a non-Polish native, was an Artistic Director with a deep passion for Polish folk dance. In the early days of his career, he was awarded a scholarship by the Minister of Culture and Education of Poland to study Polish culture and folk in Poland. He completed the four year program by studying Ethnography at the Jagellonian University in Cracow and a four year scholarship program in choreography at the Marie Curie University of Lublin. Sandro during his career studied with the Igor Moisseyev Ballet and the State Ensemble Beriozka Teachers Program in Konin, Poland and Moscow, Russia. He became a dancer professionally of the Polish State Folk Dance Ensemble “Śląsk” and had the privilege to stay with the group for 7 years. Sandro had won an Achievement Award from the city of Częstochowa, for the research and reconstruction of the “Częstochowa Wedding”. Before becoming the Artistic Director of Polanie, he directed the Częstochowa Polish Song and Dance Ensemble and also the Polish Folk Dance Ensemble SPK Iskry. As an Artistic Director of our dance ensemble, he brought his professionalism and his vision to make the group go on the path of excellence.