Joanna Miedzwiecka

Joanna Miedzwiecka is a former dancer, instructor and choreographer of the Folk Song and Dance Ensemble “LUBLIN” in Lublin, Poland which is part of the Polish Section of CIOFF®. Joanna is a graduate of the Lublin University of Technology in Lublin and the Mazovia Institute of Culture in Warsaw. She is a certified Instructor of Polish folk dance. She was recognized with the Diploma of the Poland’s Minister of Culture and National Heritage, more specifically for the popularization of folk culture. She was also awarded the Lublin Provincial Commemorative Medal for merits in the field of culture in the Lubelskie Voivodeship. She has been involved in folklore, dance and song throughout her whole life. Joanna’s vision for POLANIE was to bring our group further into the World stage and incorporate more traditional style suites while also focusing on classical foundations.