Heart of Polanie

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International Focus

Polanie proudly represents Canada at international events. 

The ensemble has been featured for its high artistic caliber at the Festival of Folk Dance in Boston, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

We recently toured Italy and Poland.   At each European festival, we always present a new dance celebrating the history and culture of Canada.

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Community Commitment

In Calgary, the ensemble is a regular highlight at multicultural events such as Canada Day, Heritage Day, the Winter Festival, and world renowned Festival of Nations at Spruce Meadows Masters.

Polanie has produced multicultural concerts to promote artistic collaboration between artists and dance ensembles of varying cultural backgrounds.  

Such concerts included: The Olympic Concert; In the Spirit of Polonaise;  European Folklorama; A Moment in Motion; In the Spirit of Youth; and 2000 Steps & Notes from Poland.

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Standard of Excellence

Polanie has distinguished itself in Poland. Performing at the International Festival of Polish Folk Dance, our group was awarded first prize for Best Choreography, and second prize for Best Performance.  

The junior ensembles has performed at Poland's International Children's Festival

Polanie had the honour of performing at; Opening Ceremonies of the 1988 Winter Olympics, the 1997 World Police and Fire Games,  2000 Steps and notes from Poland at Jack Singer Hall with Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra.



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